The Macedonian Climate

General Information about Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia is a landlocked country. Its terrain is punctuated alternately by deep valleys and rugged mountains and hills. More than one-third of the country’s territory-primarily along the western side-is forested with such trees as beech, pine, and oak. The republic’s four largest lakes-Ohrid, Prespa, Dojran, and Mavrovo-cover a total water surface of 679.2 sq km (407.5 sq mi). Mount Korab, the highest point in the republic, rises 2751 m (9026 ft). The Vardar River, which originates in the northwestern part of the republic and bisects it, is the longest river. It flows into Greece and drains into the Aegean Sea.

The republic’s mountainous regions are characterized by hot and dry summers and autumns, while winters are cold with heavy snowfall. The valleys and basins record milder temperatures throughout the year. Skopje receives much rain.