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Macedonia is a treasury of cultural wealth: the works of old builders and mosaic masters, icons, frescoes, carvings, paintings, old church books and other documents, or various folk handicrafts, can be found here. A considerable part of the mobile cultural, historical and archeological treasures have been “bought”, or seized, by the conquerors. Today, exhibits of Macedonian origin can be found in the world’s biggest museums and libraries.

The historians very often refer to Macedonia as a magical country of archeology. Here are the remnants of the ancient cities Stobi(Gradsko), Heraclea Lincestis ( Bitola), Lihnidos (Ohrid), Skupi, (Skopje). The basilica mosaic in Heraklea Linkestis is one of the most famous antique mosaics. There are numerous remnants from the Roman and early Christian age that are still being excavated.

Several churches, the most renowned among which is the St. Panteleimon’s in Ohrid, bear witness of the times of the teacher St. Climent. Cultural monuments raised between the XI-th and XIX-th centuries are characterized by rare architecture, and numerous priceless frescoes and icons the value of which is world known.

From the Turkish period, there are monuments of the Islamic culture, such as mosques, bazaars and baths, In the course of Macedonian renaissance, i.e, during the period from the XVIII-th to XIX-th centuries, new monuments and churches were built. Some of the best known icons are those in the churches Holy Salvation in Skopje and St. Jovan Bigorski’s (Debar).

The most impressive monument built in the period after the liberation, is the one devoted to the Ilinden Uprising in Krusevo, but a lot of other memorials such as the ones in Prilep and Kumanovo, are also compelling for their beauty and expressiveness. The most recent Macedonian Orthodox Church building is the exquisitely admirable cathedral church of St. Climent Ohridski.

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