Chronology of Macedonian History

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Important dates in Macedonian history.



  1. C. 653 B.C.
    King Perdiccas I establishes the Macedonian Kingdom.
  2. 359-336 B.C
    Significant military and financial reforms carried out during the reign of Phillip II, determining the geographical, historical, and ethnic boundaries of Macedonia.</strong”>
  3. 336-323 B.C.
    Reign of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. Macedonia reaches the peak of its military power. He spreads Macedonian culture to the East.
  4. 215-205, 200-193, 171-167 B.C.
    Macedonian – Roman wars. Macedonia falls under Roman rule.
  5. 535 A.D.
    The Byzantine Emperor establishes the town of Justiniana Prima (in the vicinity of Skopje), an important church (archbishop’s seat) and political centre in the Balkans.
  6. End of 6th and beginning of 7th centuries
    Slavs settle the territory of Macedonia.
  7. 855
    The brothers Cyril and Methody create the first Slavonic alphabet.
  8. 886
    Clement comes to Macedonia, spreads Christianity in the Slavonic language and founds the Ohrid Literary School.
  9. 969
    The sons of komes Nicholas (David, Moses, Aaron, and Samuil) rebel against Bulgarian authority and establish the medieval Macedonian state, which in 997 becomes the Macedonian Empire.
  10. 1014
    Battle of Mount Belasica. The army of the Macedonian Tsar Samuil is defeated by the Byzantines.
  11. 1018
    The Macedonian Empire falls under Byzantine rule.
  12. 1040-1042
    Insurrection against Byzantine authority led by Petar Deljan.
  13. 1072-1073
    Gjorgji Vojteh’s insurrection based in Macedonia.
  14. 1371
    The Battle of Marica and penetration of the Turks into the Balkans.
  15. 1395
    Macedonia falls under Turkish domination. King Marko dies in a battle near Rovin.
  16. 1564-1565
    The Mariovo – Prilep Rebellion, the first known rebellion of the Macedonian peasants.
  17. 1689
    The Karpos Uprising, insurrection of the Macedonian people against the Turks in the Kriva Palanka and Kumanovo regions.
  18. 1767
    The Abolition of the Archbishopric of Ohrid by an irade of the Sultan under the pressure of the Greek Patriarchate of Constantinople.
  19. 1822
    The Negus Uprising, insurrection of the Macedonians for liberation in the Aegean part of Macedonia.
  20. 1876
    The Razlovci Uprising, insurrection in eastern Macedonia which heralded the national liberation struggle.
  21. 1878-1879
    The Macedonian Kresna Uprising, insurrection which adopted a constitution known as The Rules of the Macedonian Uprising Committee.
  22. 1894
    Establishment of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. Goce Delchev joins the Organization.
  23. 1902
    Foundation of the Slavonic – Macedonian Scholarly Literary Society in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  24. 1903
    The Ilinden Uprising and the ten days of the Krushevo Republic.
  25. 1909
    Establishment and activity of the Popular Federal Party.
  26. 1912-13
    The Balkan Wars and Macedonia’s partition with the Peace Treaty of Bucharest.
  27. 1914-1918
    The First World War.
  28. 1919
    The Treaty of Versailles sanctions the partition of Macedonia.
  29. 1924
    The May Manifesto, resolution of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia on the right of the Macedonian people to self- determination.
  30. 1925
    The establishment of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (United).
  31. 1934
    The Fourth Nationwide Conference of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. This passed a decision on the establishment of a national party in Macedonia.
  32. 1936
    Establishment and political formation of the MANAPO (Macedonian National Movement).
  33. 1936
    Foundation of the Macedonian Literary Society in Sofia by outstanding Macedonian writers.
  34. 1940
    The Fifth Nationwide Conference of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. This passed a resolution on the equality and self- determination of the Macedonian people.
  35. 1939-1945
    The Second World War.
  36. 1941-1944
    Macedonia’s participation in the Second World War (National Liberation War of Macedonia).
  37. 1944
    Proclamation of the Macedonian state. (August 2).
  38. 1945
    Formation of the first government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia (April 16).
  39. 1945
    Adoption of the Macedonian alphabet.
  40. 1946
    Start of university education in Macedonian (Faculty of Philosophy).
  41. 1946
    Adoption of the first constitution of the People’s Republic of Macedonia.
  42. 1967
    Foundation of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  43. 1967
    Proclamation of the autocephalous Macedonian Orthodox Church (Restoration of the Archbishopric of Ohrid).
  44. 1991
    Referendum on a sovereign and independent state (September 8).
  45. 1991
    Adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia (November 17).
  46. 1993
    Macedonia is admitted to the United Nations.
  47. 1995
    Macedonia becomes a member of the Council of Europe.
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