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The first Macedonian Website

Virtual Macedonia has always been a labor of love. I’ve started this website back in 1994. The web was still in its infancy and the browser of choice was NCSA Mosaic, and later Netscape Navigator. To give you an idea of what was happening back then, the Gopher protocol and Gopher sites were all the rage.

Virtual Macedonia Logo 1994

Virtual Macedonia Logo 1994

In the early 1990s, there were very few Macedonian students in U.S. universities. I was lucky to attend a technically oriented university where I had access to the latest and greatest tech toys. I started to learn HTML and the best way to learn something is to start using it. I decided to build a website dedicated to Macedonia.

My first page went online in 1994. It was the first Macedonian website about Macedonia. Little by little, the website gained in popularity to such an extent, that my University politely asked me to move it somewhere else because of the high traffic. Now mind you, I was a student, which means no money. I asked several of my friends who were in different programs to let me use their website storage space and moved things around so my account wasn’t getting all of the hits.

In 1997, I finally managed to scrape enough money and purchase the domain name vmacedonia.com. Back then, it used to cost $70/year for a domain name. The whole website was moved to its own server and on and off, time permitting,  I’ve been adding content to Virtual Macedonia. What you see now is the fifth version of the website. If you want to contribute, please contact us.

Virtual Macedonia Visual History


Virtual Macedonia Home Page 1997

VM Home Page 1997

Virtual Macedonia Home Page 1999

VM Home Page 1999

Virtual Macedonia Header

VM Header 2000

Virtual Macedonia 2000 Concept

VM 2000 Concept

Virtual Macedonia Home Page 2001

VM Home Page 2001

Virtual Macedonia Website 2001

VM Website 2001



Virtual Macedonia Logo History

Virtual Macedonia Logo 1994

VM Logo 1994

Virtual Macedonia Logo 1996

VM Logo 1996

Virtual Macedonia Logo 1999

VM Logo 1999

Virtual Macedonia Logo 2001 White

VM Logo 2001

Current Virtual Macedonia Logo

Current VM Logo

Old Virtual Macedonia Forums Logo

Old VM Forums Logo

Virtual Macedonia Forums Logo

VM Forums Logo

Virtual Macedonia IRC Logo


Virtual Macedonia Crisis 2001 Website Logo

VM Crisis 2001 Website Logo

Virtual Macedonia Gallery Logo

VM Gallery Logo

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