Map of Macedonian village and town names changed by the Greeks

Clickable map of the names of Macedonian cities and villages changed by the Greeks.

Darko Markovic Dar Mar

Darko Markovic, also known as Dar Mar was a caricaturist, satirist, film director, screenplay writer and art director, animator, comic artist, illustrator and designer.

Macedonian Folk Costumes – Darko Markovic

A gallery of traditional Macedonian Folk Costumes.

The inhabited places in Aegean Macedonia

We have made an attempt to give only one short survey of the process of migration movements and repercussions on the exchanges of the ethnic structure in Aegean Macedonia for the period of 1912-1971. They according to their propositions and consequences belong to the most important of this kind in Europe during this period.

Confirmation of the national identity

“According to the official Greek terminology,” the author says, the local Slav language is called a “Slav language idiom.” The majority local population, on the other hand, speaking this language, says: “Our language is the Macedonian language.”

The Struggle for the Macedonian Language in Mid-Nineteenth Century

These were, that the Macedonian dialect was closest to that language which had been created by Cyril and Methodius and their disciples Clement, Naum and others. But, as we have seen, the Bulgarian philologists and politicians were unfavorably disposed towards this dialect terming it “defiled Bulgarian or Serbian”.

Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians

Greece manifested territorial aspirations towards Macedonia soon after it became an independent state. Various societies, such as the Association for the Promotion of Greek Literacy and, later, the armed gangs operating in Macedonia and fighting the so-called Macedonian war, had a sole purpose of converting the Macedonian population into Greek.

How can a woman give birth to one Greek and one Macedonian?

For the local Macedonians from the region of Florina in northern Greece this process, which had its beginnings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, is still continuing in the 1990s both in northern Greece as well as in diaspora communities in Canada and Australia. Inhabitants of the same villages, members of the same families, who have adopted different national identities, continue to argue about whether they are Greeks or Macedonians. They continue to argue about what nationality they really are.

Macedonia and its Relations with Greece

Today we are confronted by the irrational white-heat of a Greek-Macedonian dispute which has assumed such dimensions that it has rendered rational communication an impossibility not merely on the diplomatic level but also on the economic, cultural and political levels.

On the Macedonian Question: In the Beginning was the Word

At times I get the impression that the “Macedonian Question” in politics is a similar case to that of legasthenia in pedagogy – you have to go into it very closely to realize that it does not exist.


Ajvar is popular appetizer or side dish made of roasted paprika, ripe tomatoes, and even string beans can be combined into ajvar. Ajvar is a seasonal dish in Macedonia, always made in late summer and early autumn, just after the paprika harvest, when many households also can or bottle their own ajvar for use throughout the winter season.


Ljubojna devoted itself to the idea of creating music with one good vocal, that can have several faces, but to have one Macedonian soul.

Vangel Naumoski

Salvador Dali stated that Vangel Naumovski was a “painter from a fairy tale.”

Nikola Martinoski

Nikola Martinoski is the founder of contemporary Macedonian art. Biography and gallery of paintings.

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