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Foreign Direct Investment in Macedonia 1997-2017

Top 10 countries investing in Macedonia from 1997 to 2017.

Honeyland – Медена Земја

Through an up-close look at the art of wild beekeeping and one of its last practitioners, a Macedonian documentary explores tradition, loneliness and the relationship between humans and nature.

The Ilinden insurrection and Ohrid– History of Ohrid

The revolutionary organization TMORO (The Secret Macedonian-Odrian Revolutionary Organization) was founded on 23rd October 1893 in Thessalonica.

The Revival – History of Ohrid

Dimitar Miladinov, the leader of the Macedonian Revival, was one of the prominent figures in the struggle against Greek spiritual influence.

The Macedonian Abecedar in Greece

The Greek government officially recognized for the first time the separate national entity of the Macedonians within Greece’s borders.

Mirka Ginova – Macedonian Hero

Mirka Ginova (Rusilovo, Aegean Macedonia 1916- Enidze Vardar, Aegean Macedonia 27 July 1946) was a Macedonian freedom fighter and revolutionary.

Abolition of Ohrid Archepiscopate – History of Ohrid

The Ohrid Archiepiscopate was the only medieval feudal institution that continued to exist in the time of the Turkish rule. Why the Turks decided to leave it active can only be assumed.

Turkish rule – History of Ohrid

The exact date of Ohrid’s fall under the Turkish rule cannot be determined accurately. However, the inscription in the church St. Ilija, located in the village of Elsani in the Ohrid region dating back from 1408 is considered to be accurate evidence of the presence of the Turks.

Best of Macedonia

National Park Galicica

The Park covers an area of 227 km2 between the Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa, and it stretches in a meridian direction.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is the seventh deepest lake in Europe.

Jovano, Jovanke

Jovano, Jovanke is one of the most famous Macedonian songs. The best performances, original and transliterated lyrics and guitar chord and sheet music.

Ja izlezi Gjurgjo

Ja izlezi Gjurgjo – Ја излези Ѓурѓо, Macedonian folk song with lyrics and music.


Ajvar is popular appetizer made of roasted paprika, ripe tomatoes. Ajvar is a seasonal dish in Macedonia, always made in late summer and early autumn.

Vangel Naumoski

Salvador Dali stated that Vangel Naumovski was a “painter from a fairy tale.”

Nikola Martinoski

Nikola Martinoski is the founder of contemporary Macedonian art. Biography and gallery of paintings.

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