Located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town of Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe. Its ancient name was Lichnidos, which was used to refer to the settlement of Ohrid and the lake.

Macedonia Natural Beauties

Macedonia is characterized with high mountain massifs rich in flora and fauna, mountain rivers and tectonic lakes, numerous thermal springs, basins, and valleys.

Macedonia – Cultural Wealth

Macedonia is a treasury of cultural wealth: the works of old builders and mosaic masters, icons, frescoes, carvings, paintings, old church books and other documents, or various folk handicrafts, can be found here.

Macedonia – Historical Record

A lot of struggles, injustices, sufferings and divisions have been impressed into the historical memory of the Macedonian people.

Macedonia Geographical Position, Climate and Population

The Republic of Macedonia is situated on the Balkan Peninsula, on the crossroads of the main routes which have for millenniums connected the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Macedonia as a historical term

Macedonia is a historical and geographical area whose name originates from the classical period and which is mentioned as a land at several points in the Bible. Many travel writers have also experienced Macedonia as a biblical country. All who have described Macedonia in the past an in its more recent history have been fascinated by it.

Short history of Macedonia

The rise of the great Macedonian kingdom began in the fourth century BC when both Athens and Sparta had passed their zenith and had exhausted themselves with 30 years fighting against each other. The Greeks regarded the Macedonians as “barbarians”!


Debar is located in the western part of Macedonia, near the border with Albania.


Bitola is the second largest town in Macedonia, situated in the southern part of Pelagonija Valley , on the upper flow on the both sides of the river Dragor, at an altitude of 600 meter height above the sea level.


Situated on the both sides of the river Luda Mara, Kavadarci is most famous for its vineyards and production of quality wines.

Here in the South

there are many colors and even more
nuances… in everything
We have always been proud of this wealth.
This is one of the reasons why,
even though it’s a small country,
Macedonia has been known in history as
Catena Mundi-the link between worlds.

Here in the South

once you get to know the colors,
you remember them all your life:
the colors of love, friendship,
untouched nature,
the colors of a rich history,
and an even richer cultural heritage...

Here in the South

the colors are more intense,
they last all year, they bring joy,
optimism and happiness…
When you go far,far away, these colors
will always stay with you…
And the first thing you will remember
when you think of us
will certainly be colors-

the colors of my country…