Vangel Naumoski

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Vangel Naumoski (1922 - 2006)

Vangel Naumoski (1922 – 2006)

Vangel Naumovski (Skrebatno, 1922 – Ohrid, June 13, 2006) was one of the most famous Macedonian painters, a representative of the naive. Visiting one of his exhibitions in Paris in 1970, Salvador Dali stated that Naumovski was a “painter from a fairy tale”.

Naumovski was born in the village of Skrebatno in Ohrid in 1922. After a stint in the army, he enrolled in art school in Skopje in 1946, lasting a year. He then worked in a woodcarving shop in Ohrid for thirteen years. During this time he was painting, initially in a folk myth style which led to him being considered a Naive artist.

His first exhibition is in his hometown of Ohrid in 1954. He has exhibited over 30 solo and 100 group exhibitions, and his works are found in many museums in Macedonia and around the world. In 1967 he became a member of the Association of Artists of Macedonia, which at the exhibition in 1969 awarded him the “Свадбен венец” award. The same year, the city of Ohrid awarded him the “Седми ноември ” award.

He died on June 13, 2006 in Ohrid.


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