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Darko Markovic

Darko Markovic

Darko Markovic: (Skopje, 1940 – Skopje, 2016) was a caricaturist, satirist, film director, screenplay writer and art director, animator, comic artist, illustrator and designer. In 1966 he graduated architecture and in 1972 he specialized in animated film in Zagreb mentored by the Oscar winner Dushan Vukotic. He began his professional career as a caricaturist in 1960 working for many newspapers and magazines in Macedonia and former Yugoslavia. From 1966 to 1975 he worked as Editor in Chief of the “Osten” humorous and satirical magazine and director of the World Gallery of Caricatures in Skopje. He was actively involved in film in 1957 when he was employed by “Vardar Film” to open the studio for animated film. Since 1978 he has worked as a free-lance artist and in 1983 he was elected as a professor of the subject of animated film at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. In the same period he worked as an Editor in Chief of the cultural and artistic programme of Skopje Television. From 1988 to 1995 he lived and worked in London. In 1995 he returned to Macedonia. He has received over 30 awards and much recognition for his caricatures and animated films. He died in Skopje in 2016.


Pecko - They are lying.

Pecko – They are lying.


1974 TVF Festival, Portorozh, award for new TV express / “Show Machine”
1976 YFDSF, Belgrade, Golden Medal-Belgrade for direction of animated film / “Border”
1976 YFDSF, Belgrade, Golden Medal-Belgrade for direction of animated film / “Stop”
1976 IFF, Oberhausen, Special Diploma / “Stop”
1976 FF, Tuzla, award for direction / “Stop”
1976 YFDSF, Belgrade, award “Kekec”-for direction of animated film from the Council for educating an protecting children / “Border”
1977 Award 11-th October for screenwriting, direction and animation / “Mish-Mash”
1977 ITVF, Montre, Silver Rose /“Mish-Mash”
1978 IFF, Bilbao, Diploma / “Arrows”
1979 IFF, Krakow, Silver Dragon / “Circus”
1980 YFDSF, Belgrade, Big Golden Medal-Belgrade for direction of animated film / “A Hand”
1980 IFF, Oberhausen, prize from the Catholic film makers and the award FIPRESCI / “A Hand”
1981 IFF, Oberhausen, award from the town Oberhausen / “The Last Window”
1982 ITVF, Montreu, Bronze Rose / “Festival” 1982 Award 13-th November / “Festival”
1982 YFDSF, Belgrade, Special Charter for their pioneer and creative work in the field of animation
1983 YFDSF, Belgrade, Big Golden Medal-Belgrade for the best mini film / “Armchair”
1997 IFF, Drama (Greece), Golden Medal “Golden Diogen” for animated film / “Facade”


1972 MONUMENT, animation, Zagreb film
1973 SHOW MACHINE, animation, TV Skopje
1974 STOP-FORWARD, animation, TV Skopje
1977 MISH-MASH, animation, TV Skopje
1982 FESTIVAL, animation, TV Skopje
1983 ARMCHAIR, animation, TV Skopje, Makedonija film
1984 CHEERY COSTUMES, animation, TV Skopje
1987 WELCOME TO MACEDONIA, Yugoslav Association for tourism 1996 BIRD, animation, Vardar film
1997 RELIEF, animation, Vardar film


1976: Border ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1976: Stop ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1976: Three Minutes In Miroslav Bartak ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1977: White Ball ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1977: Five Films Of A Hand ( Director, Screenplay, )
1977: Arrows ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1978: Reading Book For Literates ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1979: Circus ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, Art Director, )
1979: The Last Window ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1980: A Hand ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, Art Director, )
1983: Pecko – A Day In The Life ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, Art Director, )
1983: Pecko – Oil Derivate ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, Art Director, )
1985: Pecko – A Tree ( Director, Screenplay, )
1985: Pecko – The Big Nose ( Director, Screenplay, )
1985: Pecko – A Picture ( Director, Screenplay, )
1985: Swim On ( Director, Screenplay, )
1986: Babblers ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1986: Forward – Backward ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1986: Paper Film ( Director, Animator, Screenplay, )
1987: Apartment ( Colaborator, )
1988: Hard(est) ( Screenplay, )
1996: Facade ( Director, Screenplay, )

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