St. Stephen – Armour Св. Стефан Панцир Cave church

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The small calve church, St. Stephen – Armour (Св. Стефан Панцир in Macedonian) is located five kilometers south of Ohrid, on the site Pancir. This church is dedicated to the first Christian Martyr – Archdeacon Stefan.

A natural cave has been used for the church. On the south side a wall made of crushed stone has been erected.

The exact date of the construction of the church is unknown. The fresco decoration was instated in the 13th century when art activities in the Ohrid region were blooming.

The Virgin with Christ as well as some of the church fathers like St. Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom and St. Athanasios of Alexandria are some of the preserved images in this church. The composition of the Deisis and the figure of St. Paraskeve are depicted on the northern wall while the patron of the church, the archdeacon and protomartyr Stephen is presented in the niche of the prothesis. The dormitories were built near the Sveti Stefan cave church later on.

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Cave church St. Stefan, Ohrid, Macedonia

Cave church St. Stefan, Ohrid, Macedonia

Interior of the cave church St. Stefan, Ohrid.

Interior of the cave church St. Stefan, Ohrid.

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