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Vlado MaleskiVlado Maleski (Struga, September 5, 1919 – Struga, September 23, 1984) was a prominent Macedonian writer, social-political worker, publisher and revolutionary. He finished elementary school in Shkodra, Albania, and high school in Bitola. He studied at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, but due to the war he stopped his studies. He was a participant in the National Liberation of Macedonia and is one of the most talented founders of contemporary Macedonian prose.


Vlado Maleski Monument in Struga

Vlado Maleski Monument in Struga

Vlado Maleski and Aco Shopov.

Vlado Maleski and Aco Shopov.

He was director of Radio Skopje and editor of the magazines “New Day”, “Contemporary” and “Razgledi”. Worked in the diplomatic service (ambassador to Lebanon, Ethiopia and Poland) and was a member of the Presidency of the SRM. He became a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association in 1946. He is the author of the text of the Macedonian anthem Today over Macedonia. He is also the author of the script for the first Macedonian feature film “Frosina”. He received the awards: “11 October”, “4 July”, “AVNOJ” for the literary work of the publishing company “Misla” and “Racinovo priznanie”.

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