Macedonian postal and telephone codes

Postal (zip) codes and telephone area codes for Macedonia.

Population Profile of Macedonia

The figures were taken from the official censa conducted in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1953 – 1981) and later in the Republic of Macedonia (1991 – 1994).

Macedonian Lakes

The Republic of Macedonia is a country of lakes. There are three large tectonic lakes, fifteen artificial lakes and twenty-five glacial lakes located in the highest areas of the mountain ranges dating from the Ice Age.

Macedonian National Parks and Reserves

There are four national parks protected by law in Macedonia covering an area of 130,000 hectares.

Macedonian land and nature

Given that the Balkan Peninsula is named after a mountain located in its centre, Mt. Stara Planina (“Old Mountain”), and that Macedonia covers its central regions, it seems obvious enough that Macedonia must be a mountainous country.

Pravoslaven Molitvenik – Православен Молитвеник

Macedonian Prayer Book. Makedonski Pravoslaven Molitvenik.

Jovano, Jovanke

Jovano, Jovanke is one of the most famous Macedonian songs. The best performances, original and transliterated lyrics and guitar chord and sheet music.

Macedonian Folk Proverbs

Traditional Macedonian Folk Proverbs – Македонски Народни Поговорки

VMacedonia Fine Art Macedonian Gallery

Macedonian painters gallery, presented by

Darko Markovic Dar Mar

Darko Markovic, also known as Dar Mar was a caricaturist, satirist, film director, screenplay writer and art director, animator, comic artist, illustrator and designer.

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The inhabited places in Aegean Macedonia

We have made an attempt to give only one short survey of the process of migration movements and repercussions on the exchanges of the ethnic structure in Aegean Macedonia for the period of 1912-1971. They according to their propositions and consequences belong to the most important of this kind in Europe during this period.

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Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians

Greece manifested territorial aspirations towards Macedonia soon after it became an independent state. Various societies, such as the Association for the Promotion of Greek Literacy and, later, the armed gangs operating in Macedonia and fighting the so-called Macedonian war, had a sole purpose of converting the Macedonian population into Greek.

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How can a woman give birth to one Greek and one Macedonian?

For the local Macedonians from the region of Florina in northern Greece this process, which had its beginnings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, is still continuing in the 1990s both in northern Greece as well as in diaspora communities in Canada and Australia. Inhabitants of the same villages, members of the same families, who have adopted different national identities, continue to argue about whether they are Greeks or Macedonians. They continue to argue about what nationality they really are.

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Todor Skalovski

Todor Skalovski is the composer of the anthem of the Republic of Macedonia Today over Macedonia.

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